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Do you regularly send payments abroad or receive payments from overseas?


If so, we are there to provide you with the best exchange rates both for inward transfers and outward wire transfers. At very competitive rates, you are sure to get the best, both in terms of rates but also our exceptional service.




What International Wire Transfer Can Do for Your Business?

An international wire transfer is one of the best ways of transferring money. Wire transfers are considered the most secure of the banking transactions and we not only offer competitive rates but would also provide you exceptional service.




Methods Involved

  • We can do it over the phone as long as there is pre-arranged agreement between Relianz Forex and yourself.

  • You may visit our branch to fill out the form, provide identification, effect payment 

  • You may download the application form, complete the same and fax it to us to enable us to call you, confirm the details subject to the condition that we have already got your Proof of identity with us.

  • You could do it online through our website if you have already registered.




Helping Businesses around the World

International businesses have put international wire transfer services to good use. The international wire transfer can greatly help business. Here are the benefits of using international wire transfer.


  • Clients can quickly and reliably send and/or receive funds.

  • All transactions are done in a secure manner.

  • Clients can be notified through a phone call, E-mail, or fax.

  • Online services provide complete control of the process of an international wire transfer.

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