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How do I make a complaint?

We’re sorry you didn’t get the service you’d expect from Relianz. To make a complaint, please send us an email on and include:

  • the payment order number(s), if your complaint is about a specific transfer

  • details on what your complaint is about

  • what you would like us to do to fix it

What happens after I make a complaint?

Relianz will:

• acknowledge your complaint within 1-2 working days
• gather and evaluate information about your complaint
• respond to you within 20 working days.

What if I’m not happy with the response?

If we cannot agree on how to resolve the complaint, you can contact Financial Services Complaints Limited (FSCL).

FSCL are an independent, not-for-profit, external dispute resolution scheme approved by the Minister of Consumer Affairs. 

FSCL’s service does not cost you anything and they will help resolve the complaint.

Financial Service Complaints Ltd (FSCL)

You can contact FSCL:
• by calling 0800 347 257
• by emailing
• through FSCL’s website:

PO Box 5967

Lambton Quay

Wellington 6145

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