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As part of our policy and procedure, we now make a customer profile for each of our customers before we process transactions. As part of that process, we need the Original passport or Driving licence plus Bank card or any other similar ID and a utility bill or any other documentation for address proof/verification.


Further WE DO NOT COLLECT OR PAY cash for any Money Remittance transactions. All payments should be from the Remitter's own bank card or account.


No Cash should be deposited into our bank account

It is also possible that any additional documents may be sought as part of our  AML/CFT compliance programme.

All transfers will be effected on sighting credit into our bank account and subject to clearance  by Compliance Department.


For more information, please do email to : or



Relianz Forex Ltd is committed to preventing money laundering and financing terrorism through its service and has adopted measures such as:

  • Identifying Clients.

  • Monitoring and reviewing Client accounts.

  • Monitoring and reviewing Client accounts.

  • Retaining Client data for 5 years after the relationship ends.

  • Having set Anti-Money Laundering procedures and identification requirements in place.

  • Training staff on the Anti-Money Laundering procedures

  • Know Your Customer (KYC)Relianz Forex reserves the right to request identification from any Client prior to paying out the proceeds of a Client transaction.


  • Relianz Forex Ltd reserves the right to refuse to process a transfer, where it is believed that the transaction is involved in money laundering or financing terrorism.

  • Relianz Forex Ltd is prohibited from informing 'tipping off' a Client that they have been reported for suspicious activity.

  • Relianz Forex Ltd is obliged to report all suspicious transactions.


Inappropriate use of Relianz Forex Ltd services could result in the Client facing criminal prosecutions.


Such inappropriate uses are:

  • Providing false identification documents.

  • Providing false contact and personal details.

Relianz Forex Ltd wishes to maintain a safe environment for all its Clients' transactions; criminal activity will not be tolerated.

We also monitor and adhere to other major international anti-money laundering recommendations and programs such as the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the United Nations and European Union sanctions and the Officer of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC).

We do not accept payments by NZD CASH for any remittances. All payments should be from the remitter's own debit card or through internet banking from remitter's own bank account.  We accept bank cheques but need to be accompanied by Bank statement or confirmation that the bank cheque was issued by the bank by debiting the remitter account.

We aim to maintain the highest operating standards at all times by undertaking regular reviews of our procedures and controls to ensure we are compliant with the relevant laws, regulations and standards of good practice.


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