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Importance of Money Transfer/Remittance

Money Transfer/Remittance

Money Transfer

A remittance is a monetary payment that is sent to another party. In general, any payment of an invoice or bill is referred to as a remittance. However, the phrase is currently most commonly used to refer to a quantity of money sent home by a person working overseas to his/her family.

Money transfer service like Relianz Forex takes as little as 10 minutes for a transfer to reach its intended recipient.

Relianz Forex bridges the gap between you and your loved ones by providing you with a variety of quick and secure options to send money to them in real-time.

It's very safe to verify your transfer's currency rates and costs ahead of time. You will receive a free estimate for transferring money from New Zealand at any time. There is no commitment to send money afterwards.

Why are Remittances Important?

Remittances can help family members who have been left behind and benefit the economies of receiving countries.

  • About 1 in 9 people globally are supported by funds sent home by migrant workers.

  • Migrant workers send back home 15% of what they earn.

  • Remittance flows have increased fivefold in value over the previous 20 years.

  • Around 75% of remittances are used to put food on the table and fund medical, school, and housing costs. Migrant workers may send more money home during times of crisis to offset agricultural losses or family problems.

  • The use of digital technologies by migrant workers and their families is one of the major reasons for the continual flow of official remittances reaching the last mile. Both internet and mobile digitalization are proven to be a driver and facilitator of remittance flows.

Relianz Forex - Our Recommendation

Relianz Forex now has six locations, up from one in 2009. For the South Asian community in Auckland, Relianz is the favored money transfer provider. It has a growing and devoted client base because of community-focused initiatives such as fee-free transfers, same-day credit to bank accounts, late working hours, and best practice compliance programs.

Relianz Forex guarantees outstanding service and is proud of its extraordinary workforce dedicated to providing the finest possible service at all times. It is one of the rare retail Money Transfer firms that refuse to take cash for remittances and only accept payments from the sender's account.

To comply with international regulations and ensure the protection of their clients, they adhere to international best practices standards in all of our money transfer services. That's why Relianz Forex is one of our top picks for money transfer services in New Zealand, Auckland, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

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