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Mighty Blues Winning Relianz Forex 'Spirit of Cricket Tournament'!

Mr Giri Giving Out Winner Trophy to Mighty Blues

The Relianz Forex ‘Spirit of Cricket Tournament’ commenced on Sunday, the 4th of November 2018 at the Auckland Domain and finished with a bang last Sunday, 24th of March 2019; with Mighty Blues winning the grand title, AIS United placed second 🥈 and NZKK Grandaberunda taking the third place, what a fantastic season, congratulations!

A cordial round of applause for the 12 community teams, over 200 players who participated in 72 matches over the course of four months! We appreciate all the effort and true sportsmanship that every player has shown during the tournament. We will see you at the next game!

Because of our love and passion for Sports, Relianz has been a proud sponsor for 'Spirit of Cricket Tournament' for the past seven years. In 2019, Relianz Travel has become the NZ official Tour Operator for Australian Open 2020. Stay tuned with us for the amazing journey ahead!

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